There’s still time to hit Utah’s great outdoors before cold temperatures set in! Vic and Tim Rowberry from OSMETV came by to teach us the basics of pitching a tent. 

Where would you set up a tent?

You want to make sure you find a flat area void of rocks and sticks, so you don’t damage the bottom of your tent.

1.Place a tarp on the ground before laying out your tent
2.Roll out your tent on the tarp
3.Stake the corners of the tent
4.Layout and place the poles for your tent
5.Depending on the tent, connect or pass your poles through the sleeves.
6.Stand the tent
7.Attach rain fly if applicable.

Understanding how to set up a tent BEFORE you go camping will save you stress in trying to figure it out as you arrive, or in the dark if you arrive late, and ensure you have all the right parts in your bag before you leave.

Vic was a Boy Scout executive for 39 years and retired a couple of years ago. He had acquired experience in directing camps and teaching outdoor skills. He wanted to continue to share the knowledge for people wanting to get outdoors to be confident and comfortable their first time out. So we launched our YouTube channel, “Outdoor Skills Made Easy” or “OSMEtv” for short, to continue to share that knowledge. 

As a youth, he went through scouting, became an Eagle Scout, and worked at scout camps, including being a river guide on the Snake River in Wyoming. After being married, he spent his first summer living in a tent working as a river guide while his wife, Carol, worked as a nurse in Jackson, Wyoming. He’s raised his four boys with scouting and at scout camps their entire lives, sharing the opportunity for outdoor experiences with them.

Tim was raised in scouting and worked at scout camps growing up as well. Later in life, his passion turned to TV and Film. He’s produced shows for History Channel, HGTV, ABC and currently has a show on Roku.

He is the “chief everything electronic” of the duo. He is the videographer, editor, and marketing side of OSMEtv. He’s written children’s books and is launching a new board game called “fright” in stores on August 13th.

OSMETV was made to teach all of the introductory outdoor skills you’ll need to eliminate the learning curve and feel comfortable getting outside! It started with canoeing, and they’ve been taught everything from that to tying knots, how to make fires, what to pack for a hike, and plenty of Dutch Oven cooking. They have 57 videos to date and release a new one every Monday.

They love the community, consider all comments, and have made videos specific to viewers’ requests. They’re always looking to hear what people would like to know most to allow them to get outdoors.

Find OSMETV online, IG, FB, and YouTube.