Our station’s anchor Emily Florez joined us today to talk all things work-life balance. This busy mom of three truly does it all, and we couldn’t wait to hear her tips. She has wonderful words, and she keeps it real. Thanks, Emily!

Emily’s tips:

Work family balance
I feel the pressure from both constantly Thoughts of where I should be doing more … more for work, more for kids, more for my marriage. It’s a fluid thing that we work on every week and really every day !

Getting out of the house with my kids helps me be more present:
The mornings (after online school) we get to get out and have no in house to do lists. It’s all attention on my kids. I’m a way better mom outside of my home then inside.

Vacations are sacred:
Because we run such a tight ship during the work week, month after month our time away is sacred. We unplug and we play. Our Frank (2.5 year old) asks about going back on vacation all the time. We love our vacations

Remaining C.A.L.M. at home is hard especially when I’m trained to hit deadlines. Connected parenting Podcast has helped:
I am trained to hit deadlines in my industry so I am constantly reminding myself that at home we don’t have deadlines. It’s SO HARD to remember that. I put an invisible self inflicted pressure on myself and my kids. Finding the podcast “connected parenting” with Jennifer Kolari has helped me bring in the calm again.

We love following Emily on Insta, and we know you will, too! @emilyflorez

Surae Chinn
Surae Chinn joined ABC4 as the 4pm anchor in 2016. She transitioned to the station’s lifestyle show ‘Good Things Utah’ in 2019 as as full time host. She is also ABC4’s chief medical correspondent.