Bryan Clifton, owner of Redman Movie and Stories knows how much we’re all missing a trip to the movies, and we were so happy to have them here to talk motor-cinema!

Redman Movies and Stories has been supplying gear for the motion picture and television industry for nearly 40 years! They’ve worked with most every production that has come to Utah through the last 40 years “Touched By An Angel”, “Everwood”, “Promised Land” and more recently “Yellowstone” to name a few.  Currently, they have a joint venture with the Salt Lake Film Society and the weekly Drive In Motor-Cinema movies being shown in your back lot parking lot!

Redman and Salt Lake Film Society recently partnered to host a series of drive-in movies in their newly renovated backlot. The Backlot Motor-Cinema is a semi-permanent, seasonal drive-in that is equal parts nostalgic and epic! With a 40′ screen mounted to shipping containers, which make up the parameter of the backlot, providing a safe and intimate theater-going experience.

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