Back to school is finally here! Trish Brimhall, RD came to GTU’s kitchen to put the “Trish” in NuTRISHion and share her favorite after school snacks for kids and parents alike. Brimhall says it is important to have satiating snacks for the kids as 40% of the nutrients of children ages four-18, which mostly includes children from grades K-12, come from snackage. The snacks help hold them over between meals, especially between lunch and dinner as that is the longest.  Oftentimes they get overlooked as the parents primary focus tends to be meals but fortunately Brimhall brought her best picks. 

Brimhall suggests balance and pairing their favorite treat with a fruit or veggie. Some of her suggestions include fruit and yogurt parfait or an apple with popcorn. All of which are fun nutrient-dense foods. Brimhall herself advises her children to eat a fruit before their favorite snack and pairs a salty treat with a sweet fruit. Keeping a pantry filled for easy healthy snacks for kids will also help.
For more information, check out Brimhall’s website: