Help the student in your life get back to school with the right tech tools

GTU tech expert Roy Ross stopped by the studio to give us a list of things that are must-haves for students this year.

First, a good backpack with the pockets to separate your tech and your other items you need throughout the day. Some backpacks have a special slot with a strap that can help keep your laptop secure, so it doesn’t bounce around as you walk (or run) to class.

The second thing on the list is a laptop with the right specifications. Ross recommends finding a computer that has at least 512 GB of hard drive space. Even with cloud storage available, it’s nice to have those big files ready to access when you may not have immediate access to the internet. The RAM is the second component that you will want to go a little above the standard of 8 GB. Ross says 16 GB should be enough to allow you to multitask with multiple windows and applications open at once.

The next item on the essentials list is a good set of headphones. They don’t have to be expensive or flashy. He says noise-cancelling is the best feature to look for to help keep the focus while doing homework.

The last item is a two factor authentication key. These are relatively new devices in the last few years to help keep your accounts secure.  Many schools and businesses require these now to login to accounts. Ross recommends the brand Titan Key or YubiKey. He says most of them you can attach to your keys or to the back of your phone for quick, easy access.

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