Dawn of Dawn’s Corner joined us today to talk all all things back-to-school! Take a look at these awesome items, each linked below for more details.

Solmate Socks: was started 20 years ago with the idea that “Life’s too short for matching socks.” With a complete line of adults, kids and baby socks, we have something for everyone! Made from recycled materials in the US, Solmate Socks not only feel good, but do good for the planet. Crafted with care and mismatched with love. solmatesocks.com

InkidZ: with love is dedicated to creating connections, bringing awareness to cultural diversity, and embracing everyone as they are. Teaching children about diversity at a young age will foster acceptance and inclusion naturally. At In KidZ, we are out to create a mission for the next generation. We want to educate children about diversity and cultural traditions with our interactive culture boxes and cultural products. The items in the boxes are ethically and sustainably sourced. www.inkidzco.com

DogCare NOAH Pet Water Fountain: This product, aimed at both cats and dogs, makes sure your pet has fresh, cool drinking water at all times. The Water Fountain’s double drinking areas provide both cats and dogs with clean flowing water, which realistically mimics the movement of a freshwater stream. This motion awakens your pet’s natural hydration instincts, stimulating them to drink more often than they would from a stagnant bowl. amazon.com/DOG-CARE-Cat-Water-Fountain/dp/B0888BTLFR/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=noah+water+fountain&qid=1596057784&sr=8-2

GoGo SqueeZ: TWO new products from GoGo squeeZ. The first is GoGo Big squeeZ – BIG because it’s 33% bigger than existing GoGo squeeZ fruit pouches. Available in 6 flavors with ½ cup fruit per pouch, they’ll be sure to wow your taste buds! Perfect for older kids, bigger appetites, and bigger adventures! Then, for our toddlers and younger kids, introducing– GoGo squeeZ happy tummieZ
Happy TummieZ come in 4 delicious, organic flavors and are made of 100% fruits, veggies, & plant-based prebiotic fiber. Perfect for younger kids and toddlers. Both these new products are found on the shelf next to the base GoGo squeeZ and available at all major retailers including Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Go visit www.gogosqueez.com

JCPenney: For kids and juniors refreshing their wardrobes for the new school year, it’s a 90s throwback with tie dyes and fun graphic tees. For those adding their own personal touch to their study nooks or upgrading their rooms—opt for soft fabrics like the 100% cotton Linden Street bedding and the shag JCPenney rug. Keep a Cooks coffee maker nearby for the late-night study sessions. www.jcpenney.com