Desiree Nessline, newborn care specialist and infant sleep coach joined us to tell us all things sleep and baby related! She works one on one with families as their personal baby expert. Families have unlimitede text and phone calls for the amount of time they choose!

Desiree will help with:

Sleep training



Colic relief

Desiree will teach:

Reflux management

Sleep regression

Schedules and routine for baby

And she’ll teach your baby to sleep 12 hours a night by 12 weeks of age

If your baby is older than 12 weeks old, she can get your baby sleeping 12 hours a night and taking perfect naps, within days of working together. 

She can observe the baby’s nursery over the phone through FaceTime, pictures and pictures, to make sure it’s conducive for proper sleep. 

She will teach families how to get their babies to take perfect naps during the day. 

She offers unlimited phone support anywhere from 3 days on up to 1 year! There are many different packages to choose from. 

Desireee offers 24 hour care and can travel anywhere. 

To the first 10 callers, 10% off any consultation package of their choice.