CACHE VALLEY, UT (Good Things Utah) – The American West Heritage Center is holding a Baby Bears and Bunnies Event coming up. Sarah and Addy from the heritage center joined us to talk about the event and what people who attend can expect to see.

While there was supposed to be a baby animals event this weekend, the center was forced to postpone it until May due to weather. Because of this, they are now hosting an alternative baby bear and bunnies event instead to create a special intimate event with the baby bears.

People who attend this event will be taken by wagon and dropped off at the exhibit because of snowpack obstructing parking. Once they reach the enclosure they can spend as much time as they want observing the bears and watching them interact with each other.

The  American West Heritage Center is located at the base of the canyon in Logan, nestled up against the Wellsville mountains. The center is a non-profit organization and this Baby Bears and Bunnies Event is their biggest fundraiser of the year and will help raise money so more events can be held in the future.
If you have kids, this event is a great way to help them learn about animals and interact with them in a way they would never be able to. This event will be much smaller than usual, and tickets are only $7 and going quickly. You can get your ticket now at