Kenzie Davis joined us today to talk eyebrows– what mistakes we could be making.

Davis, a licensed aesthetician went over some brow mistakes we could be making or missing in our daily makeup routine. When plucking, be sure to pluck in between your brow. From your nostril, the brow starts. Davis advises plucking just between there to avoid overplucking, due to the new trend of fluffier brows. With thicker brows in, it is important to leave your brows alone sometimes, letting them grow out. 

When filling in brows, permanent makeup can be used, or a brow pencil. To find your perfect shade, try some out. Go slightly darker than your hair color, or see what works. Use small strokes and be light. Avoiding overplucking, brushing your eyebrows, and being light when filling them in allows you to achieve a fluffy brow look.

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