Divorces are hard but you won’t die from it as we sat down the author of “No One Dies from Divorce, Jill Coil.

Covid has changed a lot of things about divorce, but one thing is still the same, divorce is traumatic! You can not only survive it but thrive through it, become a better and more fulfilled person after it even because of it.

Jill wrote her book to give you important tips to give you for your divorce. You don’t do it alone and will find your tribe through friends and most importantly, get a therapist. What is most important for you is to know your goals. Another tip Jill shared was to talk to an attorney so you know your rights, even if you don’t hire an attorney.

Lastly, stop making divorce a shameful or taboo topic. Instead of feeling like a failure, use it as a platform to become a better version of yourself!

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