International Best Selling Author of “Now or Never, Shine, Baby, Shine, Karen Wright shares her book on how to cope with tragedy.

Her book is a memoir of the day she tragically lost my 18-year-old daughter. Through grief, she realized she no longer knew who she was, and felt abandoned by God. She also realized that she had no dreams or desires of her own and had been living the labels and expectations others had put upon her.

Karen’s identity was completely shattered and this is her journey of discovering her authentic self. This is her story of freedom, expressing my voice, rediscovering a relationship with herself and God.

Since 2004, Karen and her family started raising money for a perpetual scholarship in honor of her daughter Kalena Wright. Now full circle and Karen has written a book in her daughter’s honor.

Seven years ago she went through a divorce and started learning about Psychic Mediums and healers who could connect to the other side. Three different ones each told her what she needed to write. She did not even journal, but after the third one said the same thing, Karen to a step back and opened her heart, and asked God. Karen realized that she needed to write about the tragic events that have happened in her life.

Karen wants to share with others about loss and helping them through her vulnerability and rawness that each of us has our journey. She is in the making of producing her “Diamond Ignites, It’s Now or Never Retreat” and will launch in Fall 2021.

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