Being able to cherish items in nature is something we all love. The question is, how do we preserve them and better yet wear them? Fortunately, Adrienne LaPointe has the perfect find. LaPointe started her business, Bloom Hereafter, in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic. She loves being able to preserve nature and memories, including floral designs from weddings and other special events. LaPointe has tried several methods of drying flowers including dehydrating and even using a microwave but she feels naturally drying them is the best way. While it takes a few weeks, the results are well worth it. Not every flower dries the exact same and LaPointe said they each have their own personality. She has a variety of flowers she’s purchased as well as some she has picked personally, including wild flowers from American Fork Canyon. She finds something very fulfilling about foraging flowers herself. “Sunflowers are really close to my heart just ’cause their my mom’s favorite flower.” said LaPointe. She believes detail is everything so each item is intricate and hand-pressed by LaPointe herself.

Working primarily with dried flowers, LaPointe creates a variety of different art pieces. Whether it’s making jewelry, coasters, silversmithing or resin pouring, she is always looking for new ways to learn and enrich her art and create new and innovated jewelry. She makes unique items from nature and preserves it which is a great way to upcycle and be sustainable. In addition to jewelry, LaPointe also makes the displays for the flowers and other items from nature. Bloom Hereafter’s jewelry includes rings, necklaces and vials filled with flowers. She also has frames, keychains and coasters available for sale. Her items are very affordable and make a great gift for anyone. LaPointe’s work will be available for sale at Craft Lake City’s event on Aug. 12-14.


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