Queer Spectra, is an LGBTYQ+ affirming arts festival. Their fourth annual festival will take place on Saturday, May 21. The festival amplifies LGBTQ+ voices and showcases various talented LGBTQ+ artists, many of which are local to Utah. While 20 of the 35 artists showcased are local to Utah, there are artists from six states and five countries. 

“Salt Lake City is a very LGBTQ friendly [city], but we have a lot of tension in within the queer community and other communities, so there are barriers for other artists, Utah based artists who show their work, so we really wanted to create a venue for us to celebrate that art process. We’re part of a bigger community of pride and LGBTQ oriented organizations that are really paving the way for all members of our community to have space.” Said Max Barnewitz, co-founder of Queer Spectra. 

Queer Spectra will showcase various types of art from LGBTQ+ artists including paintings, sculpture, photography, dance, music, comics, poetry and even short films. “[It’s] a really big deal to me, personally cuz that’s one way you get inspired as an artist. You need to sort of get out of your own field and also you can collaborate with so many people.” said Arin Lynn, co-founder of Queer Spectra.  “With the queer community it’s hard to reach out when you’re making art because it can be hard to know that you’re going into a safe artistic space.” Lynn said that working together in Queer Spectra helps artists to know that they are a safe space and can help build rapport for future collaborations and a great way to network for other queer artists. The festival will take place at Sunset Studios from Noon until 9 p.m. 

For more information, visit queerspectra.com and follow Queer Spectra on Facebook and Instagram: @Queerspectra