Local photographer, artist and curator, Essie Shaw recently partnered with Urban Arts Gallery and released her new art exhibit in honor of Black History Month. The collection is titled “The Beat of Our Blood” and features works by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and POC) artists. 

Shaw wanted to focus the collection on the theme of cultural reclamation and highlight the traditions, customs, spiritual practices and beliefs of ancestors that influence our culture and behaviors today. You will find a wide variety of art including mixed media, collages, abstract art, and self portraits. 

Shaw hopes to tell the stories of those that have come before us through their unique art pieces. Some of the artists included in the show are:

Isabella Morillo

Anette Campbell 

Sarah Liz May

Andrea Hardeman

Georgia Grosset

Luis Novoa

Raynola Dominguez

Alli Arocho

Camille Nugent

Quinci Hambrick

Bethany Bartholomew

The gallery stroll will be taking place Friday, February 18th at the Urban Arts Gallery at the Gateway from 6-9 PM. The show will continue to run until the end of February.

Find out more on Instagram and online.