SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- (Good Things Utah) Bill Knowlton, founder of Ally Parent Apparel, shared clothing options for individuals who want to express love and support to members of the LGBTQ+ community. An attorney by trade, Knowlton does not own this apparel brand to make money. He wanted to find a way to show his allyship and show his support to the LGBTQ+ loved ones in his life. He felt clothing was a great way to show others he was a safe space and one who supports LGBTQ+ individuals to be themselves. During his quest to find apparel, he was unable to see anything that captured exactly what he wanted to convey.

Ally Parent Apparel launched in October 2022 with a mission to help LGBTQ_+ youth, especially in Utah, know they are loved. Utah currently has the highest LGBTQ+ suicide rate in the nation, 34% higher than the national average. Since 2011, the rates have double. “The number one cause of death for children 18 and younger in Utah is suicide,” said Knowlton. “We have way more in common than we have different.” Knowlton wants everyone to feel included. His apparel has options available for everyone with numerous designs.

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