DRAPER, UTAH – (Good Things Utah) Want to give your home a remodel? The one stop shop home remodel process that is custom to your needs and dreams is here! This artificial intelligence powered service offers an easy design quiz for you to take to know exactly what you need for your dream home. Alexa Given and Greg Larson spoke about this amazing opportunity.

DWELLIFY is the perfect way to remodel. It makes remodeling easy done through a mobile app or website. DWELLIFY helps to stay within your budget and stay satisfied with the remodeling process. 

The process starts with a quiz that gets to know your taste and style choices for a home. Then, it takes you to a series of material choices so you can choose what you want your home to look like. Next, a box is sent to your home with samples of each of the materials that were personally chosen by the homeowner. This way you can see what each material looks and feels like in your home. From there, choose which materials to use and get an estimated price. 

Once you sign on the estimate, DWELLIFY ensures that the contractors don’t go over the price and keeps you within your budget!

Given said that homeowners have broken down in tears at the sight of their new home. 

Take the design quiz now and get a free estimate today.

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