Video game developer Greg Bayles tells us games are an intrinsic way of interacting with the world. He says we have all been designing games since we were kids! You don’t have to be a game designer to make games, and there are plenty of resources to help you to create a game.

If you are interested in learning to code or do game art, there are thousands of free videos online, and inexpensive courses on sites like Udemy. That’s how Greg learned! If you’re really intent on it, there are great academic programs across Utah. Greg tells us that if you say you don’t play games, or don’t like violence, that a game can be about anything you want. There are games about herding sheep, losing a loved one, walking home late at night as a trans person. And each of those have value and power.

It’s not about making the perfect game. It’s about trying something new. In games, we learn that failure can be instructive. That it can even be fun!  We fall off a ledge, and we start over. And eventually we reach our goal. 

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