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Richard and Linda taped a segment from their beautiful Park City home to check-in, and let us in on a generous offer! Richard tells us many parents are struggling with having their kids home round-the-clock, working from home, and having a disrupted schedule. But others see this as a golden opportunity for quality time with their children, to have family discussions, and time to slow-down rather than rush from one thing to the next.

Linda tells us it’s okay to find yourself in the middle, or bouncing between the two. It’s a time of what-if’s, why’s, and how’s. This time can be used for reflection, meditation, but there’s no need to deny the difficulty of structuring your time.

The Eyre’s want to make all of their exclusive content free to help parents get through. They’ve chosen six important things parents and grandparents can focus on for their children at this time.

Hop online at and scroll to “help for parents and children” to enjoy their offer of audio adventures, values, how-to set up a family economy and so much more!

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