An inspirational journey through addiction and healing

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Malory Ruesch joins us today to share her inspirational story about healing and addiction. Recovering from addiction is no easy task so she is here to spread awareness and hopes to help others.

Ruesch opened up about her upbringing on how she came from a broken home and never knew her value or self-worth. She also explained how she was a straight-A student in high school and people would’ve never guessed she’d face addiction in her future. While in college she said one beer ended up quickly spiraling to intravenous use and it was the only coping mechanism she knew how to deal with.

After nearly facing 30 years in prison as a 19-year-old, she met her hero, Chuck Marshall, who saved her. He taught her strategies on how to cope and helped her identify the underlying causes. Before he passed away, Ruesch said he made her promise to tell her story and inspire others which is exactly what she’s doing today.

Ruesch is now a motivational speaker where she visits high schools to speak with students, principals, and anyone who needs it. She also has a journal available on Amazon titled “My Journey Journal” and a book releasing in 2022 titled “Inspired to Recover-An Addicts Journey Through Addiction and Healing” which is available for pre-order. She said she truly loves herself today and is hoping to prevent others from going down that dark path.

For more information or to book Ruesch for a speaking seminar, visit her Instagram, Facebook, and website.

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