An inclusive video game representing drag queens

Good Things Utah

Video Game Developer, Greg Bayles, is here to teach viewers that video games can be a form of self-expression. He’s currently creating a drag queen fighting game called Super Bearded Dragons with the hopes of establishing an inclusive environment. 

As a chemistry major in college, Bayles stumbled upon his love for video games after a friend suggested he go into video game development. That turned into him being accepted into a master’s program and becoming a video game developer. 

Bayles describes the game as drag queen bearded dragons fighting over cash that’s raining from the sky. He discussed how people don’t view Salt Lake as a diverse city so he wanted to make a game that’s for everyone and shows Utah in a vibrant light. There aren’t a lot of games about queerness so his goal is to make it completely joyful and inclusive. Since there’s a lot of pressure for people to look a certain way, Bayles emphasized that he wants people to know you can look however you want. 

Check out the game’s trailer on YouTube!

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