Jalen Sutton, Alta High School junior varsity football player, suffered a spinal cord injury during a football game. Sutton, 17, will likely stay in the hospital for a few months and medical bills wil be costly. GTU host Nicea DeGering sat down with Sutton’s stepfather, Lester Huffer and their neighbor and close friend, Tyson Forbes. 

Sutton, who played defense, collided with another athlete and fell. His C4-C5 vertebrae were injured. Currently, he is in Children’s Primary Hospital in Salt Lake City and will have a long road to recovery. Sutton, his family and the community have been hopeful.

Sutton’s aunt, Cynthia Meier, started a GoFundMe page where people in the community and anywhere in the country can donate and help the Sutton-Huffer family. The page is more than halfway completed from their $100,000 goal.

To help Sutton and his family, consider donating: Fundraiser for Patricia Huffer by Cynthia Meier : Fundraiser for Jalen Sutton’s Road to Recovery (gofundme.com)