Award winning speaker and Influencer, Al Fox Carraway, came to Good Things Uta. A  former Utahan, Carraway came to visit The Beehive State where she has a large fanbase and was commonly known as “The Tattooed Mormon.” She now lives in her home state of New York alongside her husband, Ben and her three young children. Carraway is a veteran when it comes to writing, having two best selling books. Her newest book, ‘My Dear Little One’, is the first book she’s written for children. 

Initially started as a love letter to her youngest daughter for words of encouragement, Carraway felt this would be advantageous for many young children to read this and many parents would benefit from learning this as well. The book is filled with encouragement and how to navigate life and how to cope. “Each different page is a new world and it’s just going through different seasons of life.” said Carraway. The protagonist, inspired by Carraway’s own little girl, is in a new phase in each part of the book. The book also has a heavy inspiration with God and is frequently referenced in the book. Carraway wants people to do what makes them happy and wants little ones to learn that at a young age to take these throughout their lives.

Instagram: @alcarraway