After calls for diversity, ABC casts it’s first black Bachelor

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah today – The big announcement from ABC just came out this morning. The Bachelor will have it’s first black man in the title role. Matt James, who hasn’t been seen on any other seasons of the hit show, will be the next Bachelor. We’ll tell you what led to the decision. And have your kids been more angry lately? Child psychologists say if you answered yes, you are not alone! Kids all over the world who are trying to navigate a new normal are coming up stressed. We have tips to help you AND them navigate. And speaking of parenting, what changed for you once you had children? Pretty much everything? Ali has the list of things we stopped doing once we became mom and dad. And finally, does shaving cream soothe a sunburn? A viral post says yes, but we check in with dermatologists to get the real answer!

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