Gaby Bernal, Owner, and Founder of Gafa Eyewear joined hour two of GTU to share how this young entrepreneur took her skills and drive for success and started a business. 

Gafa sunglasses are always unique and affordable. Ranging from blue light glasses, small and big frames, and trendy styles, Gafa has it all. 

Gafa means sunglass in Spanish. Bernal created Gafa to spread love and confidence within her community. Ever since Bernal was a little girl, she was drawn to her mothers” sunglasses, unique lenses, and shapes that elevated any outfit. 

Gafas’ “Year Twenty” collection is a tribute to everyone who has helped Bernal and her journey of starting this company. Each pair has been hand-selected by each member of Bernal’s family. The sunglasses are named after the person who picked them and the year they were born.

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Business Information

Website: Gafa Eyewear

Instagram: @gafaeyewear

TikTok: @gafaeyewear