(Good Things Utah) No Bad Feelings is a fun and informative new book teaching kids about healthily expressing their emotions, giving them exposure early on to what that looks like.

“When I was teaching special education, a lot of the students didn’t know how to manage their emotions. So they associated mad, sad, afraid — kind of those negative emotions — as being bad,” says Jenni Nakken, author of No Bad Feelings. “…the emotions themselves are healthy, but what you do with the emotions can be bad or good.”

With emotional intelligence becoming a growing concern, the story shows children of all ages how to stop and process their emotions before reacting. Adorable character illustrations only add to the playful theme of the book, making it an engaging experience for both children and their parents.

Fans of the story can look forward to more in a series of books later on. “I hope to write more books,” adds Nakken. “Afterwards, I would like to write a book about each emotion and why it’s important.”

No Bad Feelings is available for pre-order on her website via the link HERE. Find more by following her literary adventures on social media @jenni_nakken_books.