Adele teases a new album debut and Captain Kirk is going to space

Good Things Utah
  • Today on GTU our hosts are live from Ovation in St. George Utah. Nicea and Reagan take in the beauty of the new assisted living center and share about the wonderful night they had in southern Utah. Nicea’s daughter is a Dixie State student, so they met up and took her to dinner at a local pizza shop, Cappelletti’s. Reagan spent the day at Staley Farms. Fall is the best time to visit. They have a haunted house and a silo store with locally raised beef.
  • And, Adele teases a new album debut on her social media. The music artist’s divorce is final and she’s now dating a sports agent.
  • Plus, Target is selling a 5 ft. tall gold skeleton and people are positioning it in hilarious ways. The skeleton is $40 and can only be found in-store. Check it out and see how you can put it to use this spooky season. 
  • Next, back in the studio, we are discussing the spin-off of Game of Thrones. HBO is announcing “House of the Dragon” coming the Spring of 2022.
  • And, Captain Kirk is going to space! He says, “I’ve heard about space for a long time now. I’m taking the opportunity to see it for myself. What a miracle.” The actor has pretended to live in space since the 1960s, playing Captain Kirk on Star Trek. He will make his journey into space on October 12th and it will only take 11 minutes. He will also make history as the oldest person to go to space. 
  • Then, PlayBoy has their first-ever openly gay cover star. Twenty-three year old, Brettman Rock, is a YouTube influencer out of Hawaii. Rock says, “For Playboy to have a male on the cover is a huge deal for the LGBTQ community, for my brown people community, and it’s all so surreal.”
  • Last, did we learn that we are happier without social media when it was down on 10/4? “After using Facebook for over half a decade, I can safely say that most people I speak to who use Facebook, also hate Facebook,” a user shares. People are becoming more open about their belief that Facebook does not and never has had our best interest at heart. Many users actually enjoyed the outage and were happier without the presence of social media. 

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