Addiction, recovery and the coronavirus: what you need to know

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Nicea DeGering talked today with Alema Herrington who is in longterm recovery as an alcoholic and an opiate addict. Alema started out with pain pills which led to heroine use and loss of his job. He is now working in the recovery field as a counselor and as a media and community liaison. He is a licensed counselor in Substance Use Disorder Counseling, SUDC. He recently started with ARDU recovery centers in Provo Utah. ARDU addresses the Biology of addiction and treats the body, mind and spirit.

The disease of addiction has killed over 200 people statewide in Utah this year. As a disease we are dealing with something that is chronic, progressive and if left untreated it will kill. Addiction is a disease and should always be treated as such.

This is a trying time for addicts for a number of reasons. Addiction is a stress responsive mental disorder/disease. When people experience stress they are much more likely to self medicate. It is becoming more and more difficult to secure drugs for alcoholics and addicts because of the social distancing regulations that are being mandated by local and federal governments. This can be a positive for those who are ready to get help because it may be the motivating factor that gets them to seek treatment.

Medical detox is a huge factor for people seeking treatment because one of the biggest fears for addicts is the discomfort associated with going through withdrawals. We have ones of the finest detox doctors in the world at ARDU. Most hospitals are not doing detox because the beds are reserved for covid 19 patients. We specialize in chemical detox and have beds available all times.

Screenings for new clients to protect the populations from infected individuals. All potential clients are screened. If the potential client has the ability to get a test we are helping them get those tests done. We are not accepting clients from any states or cities that currently have a stay at home order.

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