Melissa Nehring, owner of Base Camp Treats was back on the show to show us how freeze dried treats can add extra fun to our holidays! Rather than enjoying the treats straight from the bag, we see Melissa sprinkle the carmel in popcorn, dip pickles in salsa, and rim a glass of crushed peach rings to add extra fun to our holiday martinellis, and dissolve s’mores in hot chocolate.

Base Camp Treats developed the fire roasted s’more! This treat won top 10 at a dessert fesival in Utah back in October, and it’s the best seller!

Melissa tells us she reached out to customers to gather the “voted best” treats of 2022 to put into a treat box! She wanted to help bring the Base Camp treat experience into our home, so gather your family and friends, and try a little bit of everything. Make a game out of it with blindfolds and guess that treat.

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