Do you often find yourself hunting for the pieces that will fit just right into your home? Stephanie Hunt knows a few things about interior design and joined us to share about the lifestyle brand she founded, Flairhunter. 

Stephanie was featured in the Wall Street Journal this month! She is known for her approachable, colorful aesthetic, personalized art sourcing, and use of custom and vintage finds in her design and style choices. 

She joined us in the studio to show us how to introduce colors and patterns into your home. You may be intimidated by the thought, but she shares easy ways add bold colors or patterns, one step at a time.

  1. Choose a pattern in a neutral color
  2. Create a pattern in an architectural finish, such as a backsplash
  3. Experiment with throw pillows – indoors and outdoors
  4. Add an upholstered bench to the foot of a bed


Instagram: @flairhunter