SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Do you need something to destress and relax? Then try a tropical drink from Acme Bar Co.! Sam Miller and Mikey Edwards joined us to talk about this new bar that recently opened in Sugar House. 

Acme Bar was created to be a fun and welcoming environment where people can escape the troubles of everyday life. This bar opened in December, and the idea behind this bar was to design a bar like nothing else in the city, and open a place where people can recharge from their day-to-day hassles. 

The goal of Acme Bar Co, is to bring Sugar house together and create a sense of community. Inside the bar is a modern tropical space, taking the idea of a tiki bar to the next level. 

At this tropical bar, nothing goes to waste, and they use all parts of the fruit to create sustainable drinks. They also use fresh ingredients and fresh fruit, making sure all of their ingredients taste like they are straight from the beach. 

Today, Mikey and Sam showed us how to make a Saturn drink, where the cup is replaced by a pineapple. The drink consists of citrus peels, gin, a traditional Barbados drink, passionfruit, and cinnamon. Even with all of these amazing ingredients, Sam and Mikey top off this drink with a flaming presentation, setting the drink on fire. 

Open Wednesday through Sunday, you can visit Acme Bar Co. in Sugar House, or can check out more of their fun drinks on their Instagram at @acmebarco