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Have you been struggling to get your best eyebrow look? The founder of Mrakki Brows, Kaylee Young, is here to solve all your eyebrow problems. Young said she started this company in hopes to give people their best brows. The term “Mrakki” means to pour yourself into the things that you love and into your work, which is exactly what she’s done with Mrakki.

Not only did she want customers to come in and receive great brow treatment, but also wanted to provide products that people can use to do it at home as well. Young said that’s why she started her brow cosmetic line.

She currently has Mrakki Brow Gel in clear and four different shades of brow pencils. The pencils are very thin which gives a perfect representation of hair-like strokes. Young reminded viewers that the gel holds all day with no tacky white residue.

She’s also launching the Mrakki Brow Stamp on Dec. 17 at 12 pm. mountain standard time. If you have busy and hectic mornings, this is great for you. Young said you get to pick the stamp that best suits your brow shape, put it up to your brow, and give it a little stamp. There’s no need to waste your time trying to get it perfect because this stamp will do it for you!

Be sure to watch the video above and follow Mrakki on Instagram for more information. They’re also offering a special where you can order a brow pencil and gel for only $20 by using code “GTUMRAKKI.”

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