Sitting down with us today to share the details of a healing women’s workshop was Chelsey Murdock, compassionate Inquiry Coach. Each Thursday from 6 to 7:30 pm at Lotus Health, up to ten women gather who want to understand themselves a little better. The ages have ranged from 30-60’s. 

Chelsea is an expert when it comes to healing the inner child, and understanding trauma. We all have our various levels of traumatic impact, some we may not even be aware of. This is a space for them to come together to share stories and have more compassion and understanding for one another. 

Who is this for? Women who might not be the mom they want to be, women who struggle in their marriage, women who feel angry, depressed, frustrated and want to understand why. 


Instagram/Facebook/TikTok : Chelsey Murdock IG: @chelsey.murdock