Physical and emotional wellbeing have never been more important than now. Alison Flynn Gaffney joined the show to talk about the Utah Heart and Stroke Walk happening on September 17 at Sugarhouse Park this year. Acting as a great way to increase physical and mental health plus the added gift of helping those in need, this walk is one that shouldn’t be missed. 

The University of Utah Health is a proud sponsor of the American Heart Association’s Health for Good and Together to End Stroke cause, as well as numerous participating teams in the Heart and Stroke walk. 

With a kid zone, Miracle Mile Survivor, VIP tent, and more, this is an activity for every member of the family to get involved in. 

Supporting this walk helps to ensure that cardiovascular research is funded, more hospitals administer the highest standard of care and fewer people become statistics. Register for the walk at their website and join the cause.