OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) — On Good Things Utah this morning – A new mom was shamed for wearing a revealing top during a workout at her local gym in Utah.

Kylen Suttner is a 21-year-old who gave birth to a son in December. The content creator was at a gym in Ogden when a woman approached her and began questioning her gym attire. Suttner, who was wearing a blue sports bra, caught the tense moments on camera, news service SWNS reported.

In the video, the woman can be heard saying, “Do you really think you can walk around the gym wearing that?” Suttner responded with a questioning look, then asked the woman what she meant by her comment. “Your boobs are hanging out,” the woman said. “We’re in a public place. Can you be respectful?”

Suttner brushed off the comment and continued her workout. There were other people in the gym wearing more revealing clothes than she was, the new mom told SWNS.

Suttner was confused as to why she was singled out, she also said. “Maybe her boyfriend was staring at me or something, and it got her triggered, I don’t know,” she continued.

Although she felt it odd, Suttner didn’t beat herself up over the comment, she reported. Suttner was more upset that she didn’t stand up for herself more vigorously, she added. Tune in for more on this Hot Topic this morning on GTU!