SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — In the winter you want to be both fabulous and warm. Style expert, Dani Slaugh, joined us on the show to chat about a hot topic this season. Vests! What vest is best and how to style to your body type, she has the tips!

There are so many types of vests such as puffer vests, sweater vests, and tailored suit vests. Which one is best for you and your body, or which one is best for the environment you’re going into. That may be the question. Vests are good to use for layering over and under coats so they can be very warm, which is perfect for a cold date night outside. Vests are also slimming, so if you’re feeling self-conscious about an outfit, add a vest and it’ll be grand.

Vests can also elevate your look, especially when wearing sweat vests and tailored vests. They add a good amount of class to your everyday outfits. So which vest is best really depends on what environment you’re going into. This might just be your sign to add vests to your outfits for that elevated look.