Salt Lake City, UT – (Good Things Utah) – Get ready for a fiesta of flavor with this street taco food truck. Aldo Inette of Where’s Aldo joined us on GTU today to show us all the delicious dishes he serves up everyday.

The Where’s Aldo food truck started when Inette’s family finally got him off the edge to share his amazing food with others. After cooking traditional meals for his family for 13 years, Inette decided to bring those flavors to the public. Inette’s food reflects the rich, delicious flavors of his culture. It’s simple, filled with flavor, and prepared with love and passion, like the Mexican people. 

At the Where’s Aldo food truck, they like to keep it fun with music and how they treat their customers. Repeat customers are in for a treat because Inette likes to remember who they are and give them a good experience when they come for a good meal at the truck. 

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