A smarter phone for your kids

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Both kids and parents believe spending too much time on a smartphone is unhealthy. As parents, it is our job to protect our children from the internet, app and social media dangers that are often hurled at them. Stephen Dalby, Founder of Gabb Wireless stopped by to talk about how to do just that!

Gabb Wireless is an entirely new cellular network dedicated to protecting kids. It offers a cell phone that kids want and the protection parents need. And, great news, it’s affordable, safe, and reliable.

The phone has a 5MP camera and comes with an alarm clock, calendar, calculator, and FM radio. But it has no apps, internet, or MMS! The device is $99 device, including shipping and activation. And service is just $20 per month for unlimited talk and text.

According to Dalby, “The first inventory is in stock and nearly half are already sold. We expect the remaining inventory to sell extremely quickly.”

So get yours today!

For more information visit www.gabbwireless.com and follow them on Instagram @GabbWireless

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