With busy schedules and perhaps even raising a family, meeting new people and dating can be difficult, which is why many people have turned to dating apps and online websites. 
Tracy Peart was one of those people who tried online dating after she lost her husband to an auto accident. She came across catfish, bots, scams, creepers, sex offenders and convicted felons but kept optimistic that there were better people out there. 
With no luck, Tracy formed her own idea of an online dating site with heightened security and after teaming up with business partners, creating Dating Up. Her new dating service is secure in that every member is verified, vetted and confirmed through a mandatory criminal background check. 
  • No Scammers 
  • No Catfish 
  • No Robots 
  • Age Confirmed 
  • Identity Confirmed
  • Screen for Sex Offenders
  • Screen for Convicted Felons
The mandatory criminal background check helps them block people with sex-based offenses, violent crimes, fraud, child-related crimes and more. Anyone with a history of red flags are blocked from joining Dating Up. 
Although every member goes through the background check, you still need to be safe when it comes to meeting strangers online. Visit their dating safety guide for more tips. 
Visit Dating Up at www.DatingUp.Net and their social media listed below: