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Nicea’s brother Dr. Garrett Muse, Principal at Taylorsville High School was here with tips for back to school. 

There is about three weeks to the start of the new school year and Principal Muse has a few pointers. 

In this day and age, technology is at your finger tips. Parents can use that to their advantage by checking their kids’ grades online at any time. He encourages parents to check at least once a week and that is advice for both students and their parents. Parents are able to see where their child might be behind and can support them to catch up. Not only can they find out grade information, they can also see attendance. Parents are able to see if their child was absent or even tardy and this gives them an opportunity to ask questions. 

Your job isn’t to trust your kids, it is to be a parent. Find out what is going on in your child’s classes by emailing the teachers and staying up to date. 

Kid involvement is one of the most important aspects. Your child will have a greater chance of graduation and going on to college if they get involved with activities at school. There is not just sports, there is music, student government and clubs your child can get involved with to make it a fun and productive year. 

It is also important to get information about certain programs schools may offer. Many school districts offer tech centers with classes in cosmetology, engineering and dental. These programs can get your kids ahead in their career path and leave them with a certification at the end of it to use to get a job. 

If your student begins to feel overwhelmed due to a full schedule, there is also the option of online classes. These classes appeal to students who are motivated to take concurrent and AP classes, but are running out of room in their schedule to take them. 

The last bit of advice is dealing with drugs and alcohol. Schools have a hard time overcoming this obstacle. Dr. Muse’s advice is to always wait up for your kids to come home at night. This gives your an opportunity to talk to your kids, know what is going on and show them you care. 

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