A nutrition and dieting plan compatible with the body

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Most everyone trying to lose weight has exhausted their options. If you’ve tried and nothing has worked, Dr. Kristen Kells has found success not only in her own life, but for many clients. She boasts a program based on science of the metabolism and the body’s chemical composition.

Programs created at Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss are practical and easy to follow. Dr. Kells realized the need for something doable for the “regular person”, or rather, the busy, hard-working person that might not have time to dedicate to something overly demanding.

Melissa Pennington, who is a self admitted a “candy-holic,” has already lost 33lbs on Dr. Kells weight loss program. It can be frustrating with lots of conflicting information and unrealistic fitness lifestyles. The truth is you can create a nutrition and dieting plan that’s compatible with your body, and is backed by the science. Better even, Dr. Kells will help you maintain your change in lifestyle and diet even after you’ve lost the weight.

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