Looking to gain confidence and have a better perception of your life this summer? We have the book for you. We sat down with Carrie Severson to discuss her new book Unapologetically Enough: Reshaping Success & Self-Love. In this book, she looks into the shared reality that many women experience through trying to define their lives, more specifically success and motherhood. 

Severson talks about her experience and what drove her to write the new up-and-coming self-help book. She discussed insecurities, body image issues, and questioning her success. Severson speaks about her struggle with burnout and her decision to go through two rounds of IVF, both of which failed. What Severson enjoys most about the reviews that she is receiving is that everyone who reads it is walking away with something different. This concept of enoughness means something different to all women. Through looking at our homes, love lives, and careers, we can examine what “enough” means to us versus what society has conditioned us to think. 

Order a copy of Unapologetically Enough online at UnapologeticallyEnough.com or anywhere books are sold.

For more information or questions contact Carrie Severson at carrie@theunaplogeticvoicehouse.com