SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – For the first time ever in the Miss Utah world, there has been a passing on of crowns before the next pageant, and the former Miss Utah was unable to fulfill her duties. Maddie Jonely, the new Miss Utah USA, joined us to talk about what this experience is like, and what’s next for her at the new Miss Utah.

Maddie Jonely was originally the first runner-up in the Miss Utah competition. If the winner of the Miss Utah competition is unable to fulfill their duties, the title is then handed to the first runner-up to take over and step in. 

Only 2 days ago, Maddie received a call while she was at work that she was the new Miss Utah because of the winner’s inability to fulfill her duties, and she immediately started taking on the responsibilities of the pageant winner. Maddie wasn’t given details about why the former winner had stepped down or what happened.

This is the first time in history that a Miss Utah has been unable to fulfill her duties, and despite how sudden it has been, Maddie is ready to take on the responsibilities and excited for the experience. Since being given the title of Miss Utah, Maddie has already been planning trips, interviews, and photoshoots, jumping right into her position.

Instead of having a full year like the Miss Utah winner usually does, Maddie only has three months left as pageant winner due to the situation. Despite not having much time left, she is going to do the most she can in the time she has left, with one of her goals being to promote relationship abuse advocacy.

The next pageant takes place on July 7th and 8th, and this year women who are married, divorced or mothers can compete in the competition for the first time ever. For more information, you can go to, or you can check out Maddie’s Instagram at @missutusa.