Shane Mcanally and Brandy Clark joined the show to talk about their new broadway musical comedy coming to Pioneer Theater. Mcanally being nominated for eight Grammys and Clark having been nominated for ten including best new artist. 

Ten years in the making, Shuked, the new play, grew from a book. Initially, the two were telling stories in Nashville. Now, they are going to Broadway with the show they created. 

About a town where no outsider has ever come into the town and nobody has ever left, the corn around it begins to die. The community is forced to decide whether or not it’s worth it to perish with the corn or let the outside world in! In a series of misfortune and comedic failures, the story unfolds. 

Partnering with Pioneer Theater, the show will be featured for the very first time there. Before premiering on Broadway, this show acts as a collectors item for play lovers. 

“It feels like we have lightning in a bottle,” Clark said. She describes the show as a stew, finally having all the right parts put together to create the perfect taste. 

October 28 through November 12 will be the dates of the show. Get tickets online and use the code GTU20 to save 20% on tickets.