Shawn Vierra, founder of Love Hard, and Josh Downs, Mental Performance Coach with Love Hard, joined the show today to talk about their cooperation. Love Hard is a foundation with the mission of ending suicide. Their slogan, “Turning trauma into triumph,” encourages teens to take challenges as a fuel to get better and take them to another step in their lives. 

Love Hard does student assemblies, parent nights, fundraising events, podcasts, retreats, and more. 

Love Hard also does an empowering activity called Lyft where peers will physically lift up someone on a platform. Empowering people to lift others and teaching teens that they are not alone, this program is helping to prevent and end suicide. 

On September 26, there is a Live in Real Life event with motivational speakers, concerts, and the Band Ofi put on by Riverton City. 


Instagram: @love.hard143 and @lyft.higher

Facebook: @love.hard143