Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – The world is begging for more love and help for those in need. Founder Shawn Vierra and project manager Emily Gibson of the Love Hard non-profit organization join us today to discuss how we can transform our trauma into a triumph.

The leading cause of death in Utah teens is suicide. The loss of an individual to suicide can leave lasting impressions on those in our homes, schools, and communities, making it extra important to provide support for those in need. The Love Hard Foundation provides funding for Utah school districts to create better mental health resources in schools. 

Kids want to be accepted and loved by their parents; in fact, it is essential that they feel this way at home so that when they leave and experience life’s hardships, things such as bullying and tragedy don’t have a lasting effect on their self-love. 

Parents have the most significant influence on their kids, more so than technology and friends. As a parent, it can be challenging to know how to level up to ensure the safety and care of your child. To help guide parents in raising their kids to be resilient to the life around them. As of June 1st, The Love Hard Foundation is starting the “what now parent workshop. This workshop will teach parents to understand better what their kids are going through and how to support them better. 

The Love Hard Foundation has created hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts for purchase, where all proceeds go to school funding for extra mental health resources and to help provide therapy for students and families who cannot afford it. Click here to see some of the rad merch!

To take advantage of this free parenting course or purchase the Love Hard retail, visit