Lincoln Bailey is a young man with a sweet message, “the smallest thing can make all the difference”. When he got a job as a CNA tech at a local assisted living home, he was soon inspired to start his own non profit. He tells us he didn’t have a grandma close to him growing up, and always envisioned baking cookies, and having that connection.

“Letters From Lincoln” was born through the friendships that Lincoln formed at the home. He wanted to create a sort of love letter to the elderly community who still have so much to offer.

“I like to take them out to lunch with me, and record our times together. I take them to visit friends and others like themselves in other nursing homes. Often it is just a walk outside, or singing songs, or a special trip to get ice cream.

Follow along at @letters_from_lincoln and see Lincoln’s acting and modeling work on TikTok at @gabeahamlincoln