A local figure skater is the epitome of never giving up

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It’s never too late to do what you want! Meredith Hall is the epitome of that as a competitive figure skater at the age of 81. She came by to share her experience and the upcoming trip to the Adult Figure Skating Championships in Michigan.

Meredith’s father, William B. Hall
, did everything he could to assist his daughter in skating
. He was the Vice President and General Manager of the famed Broadmoor Hotel
, which gave Hall access to Austrian coach, Edi Scholdan and the Broadmoor Skating Club
. Her father would walk around the lake and watch her during the day

 started skating at the age of five and did not return to the ice until 17
. She passed Preliminary Figure through 6th Figures tests in 1960-1965

Meredith enjoys a skating career highlighted by friendships with elite skaters and coaches (Ina Bauer, Steffi Westerfeld, Greg Kelley 
, and his older sister Nathalie, Peggy Fleming)
. She even performed in gala shows in the historic original Broadmoor World Arena with fancy Ice Follies on-loan costumes

She attended Colorado Rocky Mountain boarding school during her last three years of high school

1961 U.S. Figure Skating Team – Plane Crash

Mrs. Hall had admired a sweater of Kelley’s and wanted to knit a copy
. Nathalie offered it to her while the team headed to Prague, Czechoslovakia for the 1961 World Championships. On February 14th, Hall gave Kelley a ride home from the rink, Kelley sharing his plans for medical school upon return. Hall 
had planned to go along on the trip, which her parents nixed. She parted Kelley with a hug and, “See you when you come

Feb 15, 1961 – Sabena Airlines #548 plane crash killed entire U.S. team

After the Crash

Carlo Fassi replaced Scholdan, trained Hall, and enlisted her assistance on a trip to the World Championships in Vienna
Meredith said, “Peggy (Fleming) was expected to win, and my dad wanted me to see Europe, so I got to go along.”

Hall trained in Switzerland and Italy learned French and Italian

Illness and Recovery

At age 24, Meredith was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis and stopped skating
. She had thymectomy and Prednisone for two years
. Eventually, going to college and married in her early 30s, and raised her sons. She later became divorced

Meredith became Professional Level Three Ski Instructor at the age of 62.
She made a return to the ice
 and was able to manage her disease. At the age of 78, she decided to try skating again after 55 years

She competed in the 25th annual U.S. Adult Championships in Salt Lake City in 2019

Coach Tiffany MacNeill says, “Meredith exemplifies pure love and passion for figure skating. She has shown that dreams and
 goals are possible at every age.”

Meredith says, “This is probably the best part of my whole life. I’m happier than I’ve ever been because I’m doing what I love. I had to wait until I was 78 to be happy.”

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