SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Getting into fitness can be hard to do especially when you are new at it. If you don’t want to do heavier weights and you want longer and leaner muscles, we have the best fitness program for you. Today we were joined by Casie Allan, owner and creator of the ER Fitness Method, which is an online fitness program for women who want to be leanER, strongER, & healthiER. She shared a couple of workouts using ankle weights.  

Ankle weights are not super heavy but with consistent workouts you will see sculpted, toned, lean, legs and a lifted booty. The reason ankle weights work so well is because they add resistance and activate the muscles. Also, the light weight and higher repetition combination allows us to work muscles that typically remain dormant. Ankle weights can help us move with grace because your range of motion increases and so does your mobility. They are small so they are easy to travel with making it so you can work out wherever you go.  

For more workouts download her app or go to her website/social media for more information. Right now, all new members can get the first 14 days of workouts free on the app.