A journey through postpartum depression

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Award-winning author Maleah Day Warner came on GTU to talk about her debut memoir Lies of the Magpie: A Mother’s Healing Journey Through Postpartum Depression, Epstein Barr Virus, and Hashimoto’s. 

Warner was inspired by Marie Osmond’s book, the first place she ever heard the term “postpartum depression.” This was important to Warner because for the first time she felt like her experience was validated and recognized that she was not alone and that it was okay to get help. Warner decided to share her story after her friend, Emily Cook Dyches, passed away from complications with postpartum depression and anxiety. She didn’t want to just write about mothering and PTD, she wanted to create a “page-turning” story. 

Now, Lies of the Magpie, has won three awards and draws light to the importance of the story of motherhood of the impacts of postpartum depression and anxiety on, not just mothers, but their partners and children as well.

Warner believes there is the power to heal, connect, and transform when women share their authentic stories. She also believes there needs to be more representation of moms in literature and film. 

For today only (November 12, 2021), Lies of the Magpie is available on Amazon for only $12!

For more information on Maleah Day Warner or Lies of the Magpie check out her website, Instagram, and Facebook

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