Some of us may understand the difficulties of going through a divorce and know that it is not always easy. Marie Carmel, founder of SALT Mediation joined us in the studio to share a healthier way to divorce.

Over 60% of divorces are filed without attorneys. This is not because people don’t want legal counsel, but because many can’t afford it. Carmel worked in family law for half a decade and witnessed many families suffer from the court system. She has also been through a divorce and spent $20K she put on a credit card that took 5 years to pay off.

SALT Mediation offers an alternative to the traditional court route, saving people time, stress, and money. Mediation is required in divorce cases in Utah, and it does not require waging a war. Divorce mediation offers a positive alternative to fighting it out through aggressive lawyers and massive fees. SALT Mediation helps people avoid a harmful court battle and guides you through every step.


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